Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Snubbed by Clinton

Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend but guess who won't be attending? That's right, Barack Hussein Obama, the President and Hillary Clinton's boss. The President taped an episode of The View today (that will air tomorrow) and the big question put to him by the ladies there was whether or not he'd be attending Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

It turns out that he won't be. He hasn't been invited. The miracle boy who became president of these United States isn't invited to a wedding of white people! I'm shocked and a little hurt by this disclosure. Whatever President Obama will be doing this coming weekend, he won't be doing it with the Secretary of State and the former President.

We all know that Hillary covets the presidency and would do anything to get into the Oval Office herself ever since she and her husband were ousted by President George W. Bush.

Racist exclusion is alive and well at the Clinton mansion.


  1. I think Obama was told that the only View of the wedding he'd see was from "the back of the bus". Clinton's words, not mine.

  2. The Clintons are white racists, which is why they didn't invite President Obama or the First Lady to the wedding.

    I heard somebody say it was because they weren't serving chicken and water mellon and didn't want to have to lay out special food for the First Family. In a way I can understand that because I am very fond of chicken and mellon myself. The weddings I usually go to have food that suits my preferences.

    Somebody else suggested it was because they feared that the First Family would steal some of the presents - which is stupid, because they have the Secret Service guarding the goods.

  3. omg this is wrong man :) hilarious...but wrong!

  4. I wonder about your priorities, PeaceLover.

    The real question isn't the menu at the wedding but the devotion that Hillary Clinton has for her boss and the respect that Bill Clinton has for his presidential successor.