Thursday, July 29, 2010

The new Obama t-shirt

I can't believe anyone would buy this trash. Imagine, a t-shirt showing Barack Obama biting the hand that feeds him? He's Administration is not eating American business. All he wants to do is to nationalize businesses so that everyone is managed by government fiat and so that everyone has a level playing field.


  1. Nationalizing businesses is actually very patriotic. Its basically saying, "We love your business so much we are making it an extension of the government, which is the most democratic thing we can possibly do." This T-shirt should be made illegal. We need to nationalize that company and then put it out of business.

  2. Candle, as usual, your insight is profound. The best way to handle this sort of fruitless and destructive dissent is to have the government take over the company, and then destroy it.