Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama: African-Americans are a "mongrel people"

President Barack Hussein Obama may be going too far. Yesterday he went on national television and called African-American people a "mongrel people". (CLICK FOR LINK) Maybe this is just because he's a mulatto and not really black? I don't know. Maybe some of my followers can sort this out for me.

I know that white people aren't allowed to refer to African-Americans as mongrels, but I'd be a lot more happy if that also applied to Mulattos.

The president went on "The View" because he knows that his popularity is slipping due to dastardly media coverage by Fox News. Who wouldn't be afraid of Glenn Beck's red phone? By reaching out to women, who are his greatest support, the President may reduce his negative polling. It's a canny strategy for a man who continually campaigns. He's given up on people over 40 and on white people (racists) - but maybe he can sway the mothers at home with their children who have time to watch The View?

As an Obama liberal, I certainly hope so because the mid-term elections don't look like they're going our way.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The new Obama t-shirt

I can't believe anyone would buy this trash. Imagine, a t-shirt showing Barack Obama biting the hand that feeds him? He's Administration is not eating American business. All he wants to do is to nationalize businesses so that everyone is managed by government fiat and so that everyone has a level playing field.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Child Supports My Blog

My followers are growing in number, and I expect that the First Daughter, Malia Obama will join soon. Why?

She was wearing one of my Peace at Any Price t-shirts the other day on her vacation in one of those European places she's visiting on her vacation.

Many of you don't understand that the notion of peace at any price, and the importance of embracing the Religion of Peace as President Barack Obama has, go hand in hand. If somebody wants this country, we are obliged to give it to them. If somebody wants us to change our ways (or our faith to Islam), we are likewise required to give it up without argument. That's what Peace and progressivism is all about and I'm thrilled to see one of the First Children getting down with the program at such a young and tender age.

Obama Snubbed by Clinton

Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend but guess who won't be attending? That's right, Barack Hussein Obama, the President and Hillary Clinton's boss. The President taped an episode of The View today (that will air tomorrow) and the big question put to him by the ladies there was whether or not he'd be attending Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

It turns out that he won't be. He hasn't been invited. The miracle boy who became president of these United States isn't invited to a wedding of white people! I'm shocked and a little hurt by this disclosure. Whatever President Obama will be doing this coming weekend, he won't be doing it with the Secretary of State and the former President.

We all know that Hillary covets the presidency and would do anything to get into the Oval Office herself ever since she and her husband were ousted by President George W. Bush.

Racist exclusion is alive and well at the Clinton mansion.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Media Guards the President

Who will protect President Barack Obama? The Secret Service has a role in his protection, but nobody will stand by him and shield him from the reactionary forces more than the press. We have been fortunate to have a press corps who stands by the president no matter what. Thank you to the media (newspapers, television, radio and of course Hollyood) who understand that your role is one of a shield.

Candle Leads the Way

Having been thoroughly inspired by Candle at Collective Wishes, I have decided to create a blog about peace. As an Obama liberal, I feel that the change and hope that our New Messiah offers will change a greedy capitalistic society into a utopian dream world where there will be no rich or poor, no black or white -- just people.