Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Child Supports My Blog

My followers are growing in number, and I expect that the First Daughter, Malia Obama will join soon. Why?

She was wearing one of my Peace at Any Price t-shirts the other day on her vacation in one of those European places she's visiting on her vacation.

Many of you don't understand that the notion of peace at any price, and the importance of embracing the Religion of Peace as President Barack Obama has, go hand in hand. If somebody wants this country, we are obliged to give it to them. If somebody wants us to change our ways (or our faith to Islam), we are likewise required to give it up without argument. That's what Peace and progressivism is all about and I'm thrilled to see one of the First Children getting down with the program at such a young and tender age.


  1. One day, this child of peace and social justice will have gigantic arms like Mrs. Obama, then the world will fear her as they do all of us peaceful humans.

  2. Her mother looks mean.

    Her father's looks are much softer, likely due to his bi-sexual nature. It makes him naturally more affable.