Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keeping the Black Man Down

Computers are too hard to use! I feel for young Rakim:

There is a constant bias toward black people by whites and Chinese. I often feel as though my computer is made by people who don't understand me and my needs. Is there a way to get a simple computer (with just an on-off switch) for black people? Don't be a jerk and say an abacus because I have troubles with them too.

The bigotry against black people is most evident in elections where black people find it hard to win. One of the best examples of that is in South Carolina where Alvin Greene won the Democratic Party's nomination and now I hear he's over sixty points behind a white man. That's a clear example of racism and doesn't say much for a former slave owning state. To make it right, people from South Carolina need to vote for Alvin because he's black. Nobody cares much for qualifications for a US Senator. Look at Harry Reid and those other guys. They don't have the sense to get in out of the rain, and THEY were voted into the Senate.


  1. I feel your pain my "brother". Your too stupid to get ahead on your own because you've been taught all that hate in Obama's schools. Now get back into a good school and take up where you left off in the second grade.

  2. Rakim makes a valid point. A computer that can only has an on-off switch (that plays gangster rap automatically) and has no keys to distract the user is something that makes perfect sense.